Relentlessly pursuing the best experience possible for people using complex software and systems on web and mobile devices

Sean Evan King is the User Experience Product Manager for IQNavigator, and works to create experiences that match the needs of business with the desire of their customers and end users.

Sean has been a web professional for over ten years, but web is only a continuation of a career focused on creativity and engaging an audience. Whether it was movies, radio spots, or websites and internet strategy, his focus has always been to empathize with the audience and work to understand their desires.

Sean has worked and lived in Denver, Colorado for most of his life. It would take a significant opportunity or natural disaster to get him to move away.

I live to craft the best user experience with understanding, empathy, and innovation through a person's entire journey, without compromise.

Sean King

Feedback about Sean

"I rarely work with a client who really "Gets it" and Sean King is one of those rare gems. Sean's steady, persistent demeanor coupled with this stellar design capabilities and holistic thinking make him a tremendous asset when it comes to researching, planing and designing engaging user interactions. I wish everyone I worked with were as sharp & tenacious as Sean. I'd love the opportunity to work with him again."

- Matthew Doty - User Experience Architect/Manager, Acquity Group